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JOY TO THE KIDS: BQ MALL holds Kids Fair 2019

Bohol Quality Mall has always positioned itself not only as a reliable shopping haven for top-notch quality items but also as a family-oriented shopping destination. With the family at the heart of its formation, growth, and mission, BQ Mall pays homage and celebrates every member of the family through various promos and events that allow them to enjoy, shine, and above all, feel special. This October, BQ Mall puts premium on the heart and joy of every family — the chi...

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A Memorable September for BQ Corp’s 74th Year

A story of dreams, hope, survival, and growth anchored on the strength and the heart of a family — that is the history and legacy of the Bohol Quality Corporation. As it celebrates its 74th year in the local business scene, it cannot be denied that BQ Corporation has already carved a name for itself, throughout  its lifetime, as one of Bohol’s most formidable forces in the various industries it chose to penetrate.

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BQ Mall Hugot Day: A Day for the Brokenhearted – Deejay Arro
The Valentine's Day celebration, including the days prior and post the date, has always been the holiday of lovebirds and persistent admirers who are drunk in the euphoria of love. Crowded spaces are filled with individuals who are high in the romanticism of being in love, wrapped in the glitzy fantasy of typical surprises. Co-existing with them are the scorned ex-lovers, the victims of unrequited love, or the friends who were not able to cross beyond the friendship zone. In a world in shinin...
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BQ Mall DonatesP100,000 to DYRD for Ang Inyong Alagad
In an effort to reach out to the urban poor and marginalized Boholanos, BQ Mall extends its compassion and support through a Php100,000.00 contribution issued to DYRD’s Ang Inyong Alagad Program. In a statement, Charmie Dabalos, Bohol Quality Corp.’s Mall and Leasing Manager notes “Ang BQ andam man gyud motabang sa mga taw, as a company na mo cater sa masa, andam mi nga mo-offer sa amoang tabang. What better way to do this than through Mr. Fred Araneta’s program.” Bohol Quality Corpora...
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BQ Mall: Making Change Work for Women
Women from all over Bohol gathered to celebrate Women’s Month at BQ Mall Atrium last March 16 and 23 through a cooperative effort with Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, spearheaded by Dra. Suzette Redillas. The event aims to educate women about health and nutrition, and empower them through inspirational talks by women leaders in service. Medical professionals, experts, and moms took the stage last March 16 and 23 to share about motherhood, pregnancy, and everything in between. On t...
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You might just be who we are looking for. Join our hardworking team at Bohol Quality.

Training & Development Officer


  • Male/Female
  • College Graduate
  • With experience in handling trainings and seminars
  • Good leadership & communication skills both in oral and written
  • Proficient in MS Office (MS Word, Powerpoint)
  • Physically fit to work


  • To manage the learning and professional development of the organization’s workforce.
  • To develop a comprehensive training program in order to maintain a motivated and skilled workforce and to fulfill the needs of the organization.
  • To ensure that the organization’s regulatory activities supports the enhancement of the Company’s corporate brand

Task List:


  1. Identifies training and development needs within the organisation through needs analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business unit heads and HR Operations Team;
  2. Designs and develops training and development programs based on both the organization’s and the individual’s needs;
  3. Manages the delivery of training and development programmes for the organisation;
  4. Manages costs of planned programmes and assesses the return on investment of any training or development programme
  5. Produces training materials for in-house courses; sources external speakers when necessary.
  6. Monitors and reviews the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers;
  7. Amends and revises programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the work environment;

     People Management

  1. Performs management responsibilities such as hiring, training, coaching, appraising, rewarding, motivating, disciplining, and recommending termination as necessary.
  2. Schedule projects and monitors progress of staff to ensure that targeted business goals are achieved.
  3. Creates a high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity, and goal attainment.


  1. May perform other relevant tasks as may be reasonably required by immediate superior or by the Management Team


  • Critical Thinking; Oral and Written Communication; Customer Focus &

Customer Service; Knowledge of Business; Planning and Organizing;

  • Organizational Needs Assessment, Collaborative Leadership; Leading/ Inspiring/Motivating;
  • Coaching, Training and Mentoring;
  • Conflict Management; Controlling; Directing
  • Managing and Measuring Performance; Problem Solving and Decision Making

Technical Competencies:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Module Preparation
  • Presentation Skills
Waiter / Waitress
  • Male/Female
  • College graduate, preferably HRM or HRST, Tourism or any related course.
  • Proficient in human relations & customer service-oriented
  • Strong communication skills (verbal, listening, writing)
  • Able to stand for long hours
  • Flexibility to work a variety of early and late shifts
Basic Function:   Takes and serves food order of customers.

Specific Duties:

A. Pre- Opening

  1. Checks logbook for endorsement or instructions;
  2. Assists in the set up and arrangement of supplies at the service station;
  3. Takes charge of opening the outlet (if assigned on first shift), gets key from F/B office;
  4. Works closely with waiters in the preparation of mis-en-place
  5. Wipes/prepares the necessary containers, mis-en-place, napkins, tray, cutleries, other supplies;
  6. Refills shakers and other condiments;
  7. Installs additional supplies/stocks to complete the par stock;
  8. Sets-up food counter and installs required facilities
  9. folds napkin
  10. Executes cleaning in assigned areas.
  11. Sets up tables and chairs; places the mats, condiments and flowers on table tops;
  12. Reports for briefing and inspection to the captain;
  13. Checks the bulletin board re out of stock and new items, other instructions.

B. During Service

  1. Greets and Invites guests passing by the restaurant to come and dine inside.
  2. Welcomes and greets arriving customers and assists them to their tables;
  3. Takes and records reservations and places reservation signs;
  4. Assists in the preparation of garnishes and condiments.
  5. Assists in taking food and beverage orders when available; does suggestive selling;
  6. Attends to customer needs, requests, concern and complaints;
  7. Assists busboy in clearing soiled dishes.
  8. Resets table for next turnover;
  1. Closing Duties
  2. Assists in clearing tables of mess and soiled dishes;
  3. Checks for missing utensils, supplies;
  4. Washes equipments needed for after 6:00 pm operations.
  5. Cleans gas range and burner before going off duty.
  6. Assists in cleaning the dining area.
  7. Endorses all sales, receipts, and restaurant key to his counterpart.
  8. Assists in making inventory of supplies;
  • Required Knowledge and Competencies
  1. Familiar with all products served in the food outlets
  2. Knowledge of service standards and skills in executing service procedures.
  3. Customer handling skills
  • Personal Qualities

1.  Well groomed and hygienic

2.  Unquestionable honesty and integrity

3.  Self motivated, can work under pressure

4.  Good human relations and teamwork, supportive to others

           5. Fast, friendly and courteous in dealing with guests on a regular basis.

     6. Extrovert, sharp, energetic and exude with enthusiasm

           7. Proactive – not impulsive, actions governed by morally upright values

  • Required Education, Experience or License

      1. Preferably a college graduate, with potential for higher responsibility

      2. No license required but at least one year experience in food service is required

Purchasing Office Buyer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify customer preferences and forecast consumer trends
  • Evaluate suppliers options according to prices, quality etc. and determine the best choices
  • Discover and purchase new products and check the quality and popularity of those already on out shelves
  • Negotiate terms of agreements to achieve the best deal for our company
  • Ensure the timely delivery of products and compliance with the contracts of purchase
  • Monitor stocks levels and make plans for buying within budget
  • Create reports on sales, budgets and customer satisfaction and adjust your strategies accordingly
  • Forge and maintain trust relationships with the suppliers to promote fair dealing
  • Attend events, fairs and exhibitions to remain uo-to-date with the market’s trends


  • Proven experience as a retail buyer or relevant role
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrate aptitude in effective negotiating
  • Up to speed with purchasing best practices
  • Familiarity with market research, data analysis and forecasting techniques
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office; working knowledge of purchasing software (e.g. Spendmap) is an advantage
  • Any business related courses
Room Attendant


  • At least 2nd year college or college graduate preferably HRM or HRST
  • Can work longer hours & under extreme pressure
  • Ability to follow instruction well and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work independently
  • More importantly, proficient in human relations & customer service-oriented

Basic Function    : Attends to the maintenance and upkeep of all guest rooms and service areas assigned to him / her.

Specific Duties

  1. Upon start of duty
  • Times in with complete uniform
  • Checks logbook for instructions
  • Gets room assignments from superior
  • Gets room keys and signs for them
  • Picks up room amenities and supplies needed

2. Performs daily room make up, rooms cleaning and maintenance except those on DND sign

  1. clean walls, carpets, fixtures following standard cleaning procedures;
  2. sanitizes toilets and bathrooms using sanitizing chemicals;
  3. changes / empties waste baskets or garbage cans;
  4. collects all used/soiled linens and replenishes them with fresh ones;
  5. looks after the orderly make-up of the room, bed and the bathroom;
  6. checks the condition of all guest room facilities and fixtures and reports any defect to supervisor for corrective action;
  1. installs and replenishes standard room amenities in their appropriate location.
  1. Does turn-down service for VIP guests.
  2. Looks after the proper use, maintenance and storage of cleaning equipment;
  3. Reports damages to supervisor for corrective action.
  4. Attends to the needs and additional requests of house guests.
  5. Reports all unusual incidents and complaints of house guests, unauthorized entry of suspicious persons in guest rooms as well as guests who are sick or in critical condition.
  1. Reports and surrenders all lost and found items to Supervisor.
  2. Assists in the inventory of guest room supplies and linens.
  3. Prepares and submits daily accomplishment and consumption report to his/her superior;
  4. Assists his supervisor in conducting room check.
  5. Conducts fumigation of assigned guest rooms as needed.
  6.  Performs other related duties as may be assigned by his or her supervisor.
Linen/Laundry Attendant


  • At least 2nd year college or college graduate preferably HRM or HRST
  • Can work longer hours & under extreme pressure
  • Ability to follow instruction well and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work independently
  • More importantly, proficient in human relations & customer service-oriented

Basic Function: Performs washing and ironing of linen items following the standard procedures.

Specific Duties:

  • Sorts all items by classification before running them through the machine.
  •  Performs washing, pressing and ironing in accordance with prescribed procedures;
  •  Inspects and sorts out stains and damaged linens. Refers them to supervisor for proper action.
  • Folds duly accomplished items; counts and classifies them.
  •  Prepares and keeps records of accomplishments.
  •  Cleans work areas and machine.
  •  Reports malfunction of machine to superior.
  •  Assists in the pick up and delivery of guest laundry.
  •  Perform other related duties as maybe assigned by supervisor from time to time.
Delivery In charge

Job Requirements

  1. Check items for delivery.
  2. Handle items with care.
  3. Be polite in dealing with the customer.
  4. Return to your assigned area immediately after delivery.

Primary responsibility is to bag customer’s item.


  • Male
  • At least High School Graduate
  • With or without experience
  • Physically fit

Job Requirements

  1. Check if there is enough supply of eco/paper bags
  2. Bag customer’s item properly.
  3. Check if all the purchased item of the customer had been placed in the eco/paper bag, verified it in the receipt.
  4. Make sure to attach the receipt to the eco/paper bag.
  5. Handle fragile item with extra care.
  6. Make it a habit to say “Thank You” after every transaction.
  7. Returned excess items or disapproved check items at the counter to the appropriate shelves.
  8. Carries or wheel purchased item to the customer’s vehicle or to any area as instructed by the customers.
  9. Clean the area before leaving the workplace.


  • Male/Female
  • At least High School Graduate
  • With or without experience
  • Physically fit to work

Job Requirements

  • Clean the area
  • Check the display stock (arrange, lacking, damage)
  • Request the items from bodega to display
  • Entertain customers
  1. compute the price
  2. issue receipt
  3. prepare the items

Check and conduct inventory of the items in the stockroom.

Job Requirements

  1. Check items. The actual items received should be the same in the invoice.
  2. If there are lacking stocks, make a claim of shortage form and submit it to the company.
  3. After checking the items, signed the invoice and write the date.
  4. Give the invoice to the encoder for pricing.
  5. Conduct inventory of stocks.
  6. Perform additional tasks assigned by the supervisor.
Front Office Clerk


  • Female / Male
  • College Graduate, preferably HRM, HRST, Tourism or any Hospitality course
  • With or without experience
  • Fresh graduates are welcome
  • Proficient in English, both oral & written
  • Physically fit to work

Basic Function : Attends to guest registration, rooms reservations, cashiering, information and

                              guest relations assistance.

Specific Duties:

  1. Upon start of duty
  2. Checks the logbook for instructions and endorsement from outgoing shift.
  3. Gets the change fund and account for them.
  4. Prepares the work station, make sure that the machines are in order and that the needed forms and other supplies are complete.
  5. Reviews arrival list and checks if all expected arrivals are entered in the Room Occupancy Bulletin. Prepares the folders and registration forms of expected arrivals.
  6. Reviews all the names on record, evaluates double bookings and makes necessary cancellation /correction
  7. Coordinate with housekeeping for rush rooms, for VIP arrangements, if any.

2. Provide information assistance and assist in rooms reservations

   2.1 Attends to inquiries from callers and guests

   2.2 Assists in taking rooms reservations

   2.3 Prepares pre-registration forms of guests with confirmed bookings

   2.4 Makes follow up of authorization letter for guaranteed bookings.

   2.5 Conducts show room for inquiring visitors;

3. Attends to guest registration and other front desk functions

  3.1 Updates the room status in the Room Occupancy Bulletin after receiving the room status report of the Sr. Housekeeper and after noting some movements in guest rooms like check out, extension of stay, transfer, etc.

  1. Attend to the registration of guests.
  2. Checks with booking parties the status of “no show” bookings, makes follow-up, logs down any cancellation and informs Housekeeping and Administration office
  3. Receives and secures guest’s key
  4. Receives mails, messages and packages of guests and ensures that they are properly received by concerned guest
  5. Receives and attends to all incoming and outgoing calls, including long distance and overseas calls.
  6. Attends to wake up call requests in the absence of a telephone operator.
  7. Conducts briefing/orientation to group regarding group arrangements
  8. Coordinates with Housekeeping in the reconciliation of room status, in conducting room transfer and special arrangements for VIP’s,
  1. Performs Front Office cashiering
  2. Prepares and updates guest folio.
  3. Prepares billing of guest account and processes all payments.
  4. Receives payment from guest and issues receipts.
  5. Receives charges of guest from, laundry, mini bar, housekeeping and room service and enters them into the guest folio for updating of charges
  6. Takes room service orders and endorses them to the restaurant.
  7. Checks credit status of guests who are booking on charges/signing privilege;
  8. Communicate with various outlets regarding guests on cash basis and are not given signing privilege as well as those given signing privilege.
  9. Prepares daily sales report.

5. Provides Guest relations assistance

  1. Attends to guest complaints and requests, endorses them to the right person or department when such action is called for.

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Essential Job Requirements



  • Clean building floor by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.
  • Gather and empty trash.
  • Service, clean, and supply restrooms
  • Clean and polish furniture’s and fixtures
  • Clean windows, glass partitions , ans mirrors using soap water or other cleaners, sponges, and squeegees
  • Dust furniture’s, walls, machines , and equipment.
  • Mix water and detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications.
  • Steam- clean carpet or shampoo carpets.
  • Strip, seal, finish, and polish floors.
  • Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, in order to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  • Spray insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation.
  • Requisition supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties
  • Notify supervisors concerning the need for major repairs or addition to building operating system.

Other Duties

  • Set up, arranged, and remove decorations, tables, chairs, ladders, and scaffolding to prepare facilities for events as mass and meetings

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Perform tasks in settling customer accounts. Responsible for calculating the

payments due from customers for goods.


  • Female
  • At least High School Graduate
  • With or without experience
  • Physically fit to work
  • Willing to be trained
  • Hardworking & Honest

Specific Duties:

  1. Upon start of duty, prepare work station, makes sure that the POS Computer are in order and that the needed forms and other supplies are complete.
  2. Re-count the petty cash.
  3. Accepts payment and makes change.
  4. Prepares daily sales report. Removes and records amount of cash in register at end of shift.
  5. Wrap or bags items for customers
  6. Performs side duties and other assignments given by superior.

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Job Requirements

  • In-charge in blunting and polished glass
  • Assist in releasing all bunted and polished glasses including cutting and whole sheets.
  • Assist the glass cutter in carrying/ handling glass sheets.
  • In-charge in cutting sand paper use for blunting and polishing glasses.

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