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Front Office Clerk


  • Female / Male
  • College Graduate, preferably HRM, HRST, Tourism or any Hospitality course
  • With or without experience
  • Fresh graduates are welcome
  • Proficient in English, both oral & written
  • Physically fit to work

Basic Function : Attends to guest registration, rooms reservations, cashiering, information and

                              guest relations assistance.

Specific Duties:

  1. Upon start of duty
  2. Checks the logbook for instructions and endorsement from outgoing shift.
  3. Gets the change fund and account for them.
  4. Prepares the work station, make sure that the machines are in order and that the needed forms and other supplies are complete.
  5. Reviews arrival list and checks if all expected arrivals are entered in the Room Occupancy Bulletin. Prepares the folders and registration forms of expected arrivals.
  6. Reviews all the names on record, evaluates double bookings and makes necessary cancellation /correction
  7. Coordinate with housekeeping for rush rooms, for VIP arrangements, if any.

2. Provide information assistance and assist in rooms reservations

   2.1 Attends to inquiries from callers and guests

   2.2 Assists in taking rooms reservations

   2.3 Prepares pre-registration forms of guests with confirmed bookings

   2.4 Makes follow up of authorization letter for guaranteed bookings.

   2.5 Conducts show room for inquiring visitors;

3. Attends to guest registration and other front desk functions

  3.1 Updates the room status in the Room Occupancy Bulletin after receiving the room status report of the Sr. Housekeeper and after noting some movements in guest rooms like check out, extension of stay, transfer, etc.

  1. Attend to the registration of guests.
  2. Checks with booking parties the status of “no show” bookings, makes follow-up, logs down any cancellation and informs Housekeeping and Administration office
  3. Receives and secures guest’s key
  4. Receives mails, messages and packages of guests and ensures that they are properly received by concerned guest
  5. Receives and attends to all incoming and outgoing calls, including long distance and overseas calls.
  6. Attends to wake up call requests in the absence of a telephone operator.
  7. Conducts briefing/orientation to group regarding group arrangements
  8. Coordinates with Housekeeping in the reconciliation of room status, in conducting room transfer and special arrangements for VIP’s,
  1. Performs Front Office cashiering
  2. Prepares and updates guest folio.
  3. Prepares billing of guest account and processes all payments.
  4. Receives payment from guest and issues receipts.
  5. Receives charges of guest from, laundry, mini bar, housekeeping and room service and enters them into the guest folio for updating of charges
  6. Takes room service orders and endorses them to the restaurant.
  7. Checks credit status of guests who are booking on charges/signing privilege;
  8. Communicate with various outlets regarding guests on cash basis and are not given signing privilege as well as those given signing privilege.
  9. Prepares daily sales report.

5. Provides Guest relations assistance

  1. Attends to guest complaints and requests, endorses them to the right person or department when such action is called for.

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