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Waiter / Waitress

  • Male/Female
  • College graduate, preferably HRM or HRST, Tourism or any related course.
  • Proficient in human relations & customer service-oriented
  • Strong communication skills (verbal, listening, writing)
  • Able to stand for long hours
  • Flexibility to work a variety of early and late shifts
Basic Function:   Takes and serves food order of customers.

Specific Duties:

A. Pre- Opening

  1. Checks logbook for endorsement or instructions;
  2. Assists in the set up and arrangement of supplies at the service station;
  3. Takes charge of opening the outlet (if assigned on first shift), gets key from F/B office;
  4. Works closely with waiters in the preparation of mis-en-place
  5. Wipes/prepares the necessary containers, mis-en-place, napkins, tray, cutleries, other supplies;
  6. Refills shakers and other condiments;
  7. Installs additional supplies/stocks to complete the par stock;
  8. Sets-up food counter and installs required facilities
  9. folds napkin
  10. Executes cleaning in assigned areas.
  11. Sets up tables and chairs; places the mats, condiments and flowers on table tops;
  12. Reports for briefing and inspection to the captain;
  13. Checks the bulletin board re out of stock and new items, other instructions.

B. During Service

  1. Greets and Invites guests passing by the restaurant to come and dine inside.
  2. Welcomes and greets arriving customers and assists them to their tables;
  3. Takes and records reservations and places reservation signs;
  4. Assists in the preparation of garnishes and condiments.
  5. Assists in taking food and beverage orders when available; does suggestive selling;
  6. Attends to customer needs, requests, concern and complaints;
  7. Assists busboy in clearing soiled dishes.
  8. Resets table for next turnover;
  1. Closing Duties
  2. Assists in clearing tables of mess and soiled dishes;
  3. Checks for missing utensils, supplies;
  4. Washes equipments needed for after 6:00 pm operations.
  5. Cleans gas range and burner before going off duty.
  6. Assists in cleaning the dining area.
  7. Endorses all sales, receipts, and restaurant key to his counterpart.
  8. Assists in making inventory of supplies;
  • Required Knowledge and Competencies
  1. Familiar with all products served in the food outlets
  2. Knowledge of service standards and skills in executing service procedures.
  3. Customer handling skills
  • Personal Qualities

1.  Well groomed and hygienic

2.  Unquestionable honesty and integrity

3.  Self motivated, can work under pressure

4.  Good human relations and teamwork, supportive to others

           5. Fast, friendly and courteous in dealing with guests on a regular basis.

     6. Extrovert, sharp, energetic and exude with enthusiasm

           7. Proactive – not impulsive, actions governed by morally upright values

  • Required Education, Experience or License

      1. Preferably a college graduate, with potential for higher responsibility

      2. No license required but at least one year experience in food service is required


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