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Room Attendant


  • At least 2nd year college or college graduate preferably HRM or HRST
  • Can work longer hours & under extreme pressure
  • Ability to follow instruction well and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work independently
  • More importantly, proficient in human relations & customer service-oriented

Basic Function    : Attends to the maintenance and upkeep of all guest rooms and service areas assigned to him / her.

Specific Duties

  1. Upon start of duty
  • Times in with complete uniform
  • Checks logbook for instructions
  • Gets room assignments from superior
  • Gets room keys and signs for them
  • Picks up room amenities and supplies needed

2. Performs daily room make up, rooms cleaning and maintenance except those on DND sign

  1. clean walls, carpets, fixtures following standard cleaning procedures;
  2. sanitizes toilets and bathrooms using sanitizing chemicals;
  3. changes / empties waste baskets or garbage cans;
  4. collects all used/soiled linens and replenishes them with fresh ones;
  5. looks after the orderly make-up of the room, bed and the bathroom;
  6. checks the condition of all guest room facilities and fixtures and reports any defect to supervisor for corrective action;
  1. installs and replenishes standard room amenities in their appropriate location.
  1. Does turn-down service for VIP guests.
  2. Looks after the proper use, maintenance and storage of cleaning equipment;
  3. Reports damages to supervisor for corrective action.
  4. Attends to the needs and additional requests of house guests.
  5. Reports all unusual incidents and complaints of house guests, unauthorized entry of suspicious persons in guest rooms as well as guests who are sick or in critical condition.
  1. Reports and surrenders all lost and found items to Supervisor.
  2. Assists in the inventory of guest room supplies and linens.
  3. Prepares and submits daily accomplishment and consumption report to his/her superior;
  4. Assists his supervisor in conducting room check.
  5. Conducts fumigation of assigned guest rooms as needed.
  6.  Performs other related duties as may be assigned by his or her supervisor.

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