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Posted on: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Boholano spirit is one that is beautiful and strong. The Sandugo celebration is built on our solid resolve to create harmonious relationships with others. In times of calamity, we are able to rise — stronger — because the foundation we built our province on is one made of our formidable resilience and our unwavering fighting spirit. We take pride of our home because the story of how we built it.

And just like how we built Bohol, we also want our homes to carry the strength that we all carry with pride. As such, Builderware has been the partner of many Boholano households in building and furnishing stronger homes. Since it started serving the Boholano people, it has endeared its patrons with products and service reflective of the spirit of the Bohol Quality Corporation.

As we celebrate another Sandugo celebration, Builderware gives back to the very people that has laid the foundation for it to become one of Bohol’s most trusted with Builderware Sandugo Giveaways.

From July 18 to 31, customers are entitled to a surprise giveaway for every single-receipt purchase worth Php5,000 and above. Builderware customers may spend it on any type of item, given its wide selection of quality products. Customers then will have to show their receipt to the Customer Service booth to claim their special giveaway.

July will be more fun and merry with Builderware’s Sandugo Giveaways. But more than the special gift, it is the fact that we don’t only carry with quality products but also the hope for a stronger home just like how we built our home province, Bohol.